Angelic Realm Ashram – Archangels and Angels

Welcome to the Angelic Realm Ashram. The most appropriate Angels and Archangel are drawing close to you now to attune you to the sacred, heavenly and loving vibrations of the Angelic Realm. Allow yourself to relax, breathe deeply and know that Angelic light and love is being shared with you now, as well as activated from within you.

The Angelic Realm Ashram is the home of all Archangels and Angels on the inner planes or dimensions of the Creator’s Universe. There are many Angels and Archangels we are aware of and many we have yet to discover, all exist in a community of numerous levels and vibrations of Angelic light. Each Angel is an expression and aspect of the Creator created from the heart and love energy of the Creator. They act as messengers and distribute the loving qualities of the Creator to humanity or any being who calls upon them. These sacred beings are available to assist us in all matters of our physical reality and spiritual growth.

Archangels are akin to leaders or advisors of groups of Angels. Each Archangel has a specific role and purpose whether it is sharing wisdom or promoting healing. Angels are drawn to work with the Archangels of similar vibration and purpose to them. When you call upon an Archangel to work with you, hundreds maybe even millions of Angels may also be present. Angels and specifically Archangels are powerhouses of love, healing and wisdom ready to divinely intervene with your permission and request.

The Angelic Realm is a powerful Ashram in itself which you can visit to receive deeply loving experiences of angelic light, love, healing and wisdom. Within the Angelic Realm Ashram on the Inner Planes there are numerous Ashrams devoted to angelic qualities which create beautiful activations within your being. Each Archangel also holds an Ashram or sacred space which is available to you whenever you feel inspired to visit.