The footage, uploaded to YouTube by the channel Section 51 2, shows a crowd of tourists looking towards the wonder of the ancient world, while three bizarre triangular objects hover above.

The video is one of the clearest ever captures of alleged UFOs, as critics often claim films of supposed alien craft are blurred or too shaky to watch.

It even shows close ups of the upside down pyramids, looking up from the base of the pyramids, as they appear to hover and rotate above three of the relics.

Section 51 2 includes no real details about the alleged sighting, but says in subtitles on the video that it was filmed in April 2016, and the UFOs were present for four hours.

An article accompanying the video on the Section 51 2 website makes no further reference to the alleged sighting in the video.

It instead discusses the Tulli Papyrus, which is an alleged ancient document which suggests that flying saucers, described as “circles of fire”, appeared over the pyramids in around 1500 BC

It also points to an “ancient astronauts” conspiracy theory which claims that the pyramids were built by our ancestors with the help of an advanced race of aliens that visited Earth thousands of years ago.

However, it is likely the video is a clever hoax made using CGI technology.

Critics have pointed out if this actually happened it would likely have made world TV news and not been consigned to one website.

Earl Verity posted on YouTube: “I wish it were true but this is not. would have been the biggest news story of mankind!”

User Kalvash posted on YouTube: “So it was there for several hours and this is the only guy to record and upload it?”

And one called Teflon12110 said: “Good CGI and light rendering but bystanders are not fascinated enough with it as well as the resolutions are off from the ‘ufo’ in comparison to the pyramid.”Section 51 2 has been outed by serious UFO investigators and hoax busters as regularly using GCI effects to add extraordinarily clear-looking UFOs to its videos.

The website and channel features on many UFO investigators “blacklists” of so-called UFO sites to avoid because of its alleged use of hoaxes, which “discredit genuine research”.

The ‘about section’ on its website suggests it broadcasts genuine footage, saying: “Sometimes we have no words to explain what we see, sometimes we can see that it’s just hoax.

“The purpose of Section 51 is to make you ask yourself these questions about UFOs… Many UFO reports from soldiers exist all around the world but some people want to hide the truth.

“Section 51 shows you UFO incidents reported by people and most of the time by soldiers in wartime.”

There are a great many stories about US presidents seeing UFOs. Only a couple of the stories actually have strong enough evidence to back up the fact a sighting took place. One case with a lot of supporting evidence involves Ronald Reagan who had two sightings that we are aware of.

Both of Reagan’s UFO sightings occurred when he was the 33rd Governor of California (1967 – 1975). The first occurred on the night that Reagan was invited to a party that actor William Holden was having in Hollywood. A number of key personalities were invited. Two of them, comedian Steve Allen, and actress Lucy Ball both told the story of Reagan’s UFO encounter.

Reagan was missing when the party began and the party was held up until he and Nancy arrived nearly an hour late. According to both Allen’s and Ball’s version of events Reagan was very excited. He described the fact that he and Nancy had seen a UFO while coming down the coast highway to Los Angeles and stopped to watch the event. Some unconfirmed stories of the event stated that the object actually landed. Lucy in her account of the event stated, “After he elected President, I kept thinking about that event, and wondered if he still would have won if he told everyone that he saw a flying saucer.”

The other Reagan sighting occurred in 1974 just before Reagan ended his second term as governor. The story was told by Air Force Colonel Bill Paynter who became the pilot of Reagan’s Cessna Citation jet plane following his retirement from the Air Force.

It a story Ronald Reagan told to Norman Miller, Washington Bureau Chief for the Wall Street Journal, the governor’s plane was making an approach to land in Bakersfield California.  It was during the descent that Reagan noticed a strange light behind the plane. “We followed it for several minutes, Reagan told Miler. “ It was a bright white light. We followed it to Bakersfield and all of a sudden to our utter amazement it went straight up into the heavens.”

Paynter, the pilot stated, “”it appeared to be several hundred yards away” and it was “a fairly steady light until it begun to accelerate. Then it appeared to elongate. Then the light took off. It went up a 45 degrees angle at a high rate of speed. Everyone on the plane was surprised.”

Paynter added: “The UFO went from normal speed cruise to a fantastic speed instantly. If you give an airplane power, it will accelerate, but not like a “hot rod”, and that’s what this was like. Governor Reagan expressed amazement. I told the others I didn’t know what it was. The UFO went from a normal cruise speed to a fantastic speed instantly. If you give an airplane power it will accelerate – but not like a hotrod, and that is what this was like.

We didn’t file a report on the object because for a long time they considered you a nut if you saw a UFO.

Reagan, in his discussion of the sighting with Norman C. Miller added that he had told Nancy about the UFO, and they had done personal research on UFOs. This research had uncovered the facts that there were references to UFOs in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Reagan was telling his story in a very animated way. This led Millar to conclude that Reagan seriously believed in UFOs. He asked him, “Governor, are you telling me that you saw a UFO?”

Suddenly, according to Millar, Reagan realized that he was talking to a reporter. “This look crossed his face,” recalled Millar, “and he said let’s just say that I’m an agnostic.”

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Dick Nixon had some surprising friends—take famous entertainer Jackie Gleason, for example. The two were golfing chums and often chatted about their interest in UFOs, according to Gleason’s wife Beverly. One day in 1973, Nixon slipped away from his Secret Service detail and showed up at Gleason’s house alone. “I want to show you something,” the president told him.

Nixon drove Gleason to Homestead Air Force Base, not far from Gleason’s home in Florida. A security guard, shocked when he recognized the two famous men, waved them through. They entered a heavily guarded building, and Nixon guided them to an inner chamber. There, Gleason was aghast: he was looking at what appeared at first to be “mangled children”. On closer inspection, he realized that they weren’t children—and that they were not human. Gleason told a confidante that he felt very upset that the government was hiding such monumental secrets from the public.

There had been a spate of UFO sightings over the Soviet Union, and President John F. Kennedy was downright worried.

It was the height of the Cold War, and JFK was afraid that a UFO over the USSR might be mistaken for a missile—and prompt the Russians to launch missiles of their own.

On November 12, 1963, Kennedy dictated a memo ordering that the US prepare to share sensitive information about UFOs with the USSR, so that there would be no apocalyptic mistakes. The president was shot dead in Dallas a mere 10 days later.

The memo reads: “It would be very helpful if you would have the high threat cases reviewed with the purpose of identification of bona fide as opposed to classified CIA and USAF sources. It is important that we make a clear distinction between the knowns and unknowns in the event the Soviets try to mistake our extended cooperation as a cover for intelligence gathering of their defense and space programs. I would like you to arrange a program of data sharing with NASA where unknowns are a factor.”

One day, near the start of his presidency, President Eisenhower vanished.

The president had been in Palm Springs, CA at the time, and when no one could find him they feared the worst—heart attack, stroke, or some other dire event. Eisenhower reappeared the next day at a church service. An excuse was given for his absence: he’d needed “emergency dental surgery”, an aide reported, stiffly.

Whispers and rumors started immediately—weird ones. Insiders were leaking a strange story, that the president had rushed to Muroc Air Force Base (now Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California), met with aliens, and signed a treaty with them.

Gordon Duff, senior editor of the veterans organization Veterans Today, says that he’s seen classified documents that outline the agreement. “The 1953 treaty with President Eisenhower was an agreement,” Duff told an interviewer, “a coercive agreement against the USA on behalf of a hostile alien power that wished to be able to kidnap a number of citizens from the United States, which means of course that they had agreements with other nations as well.”

Harry Truman was president of the United States when Kenneth Arnold saw flying saucers over the state of Washington, ushering in the modern era of UFO sightings.

He was president when the Roswell Incident occurred in 1947. He was president in 1952 when UFOs buzzed Washington, D.C. over consecutive days.
Harry Truman was familiar with UFOs—obviously.
It was the UFO fly-bys over D.C. that forced Truman to act. There were unknown, saucer-shaped craft seen zooming over the White House, the Pentagon, and the Capitol building, and newspaper headlines shouted about the sightings. The public was talking about them; in some newspapers, the front-page UFO stories pushed articles about the Democratic National Convention to page two.
Truman’s response? Out of frustration, he gave the order: “Shoot them down!” Several well-known scientists, including Albert Einstein, heard about the order and urged him to rescind it. Truman did, around the time that the UFO sightings also ceased.

Many people believe that the Tulli Papyrus is text describing the first ever written account of a UFO being sighted. The Egyptian text seems to record an event that was supposed to have happened in the 18th dynasty, which was around 1480 BC. So the big question is whether or not this is proof that aliens do exist. READ MORE:

Egypt is well-known for its ancient culture along with a civilization that was marvelous. It is also just as well-known for the mysterious deities along with strange tales about an ancient world, and one such story is the Tulli Papyrus. This is not the typical papyrus from Egypt; instead, the text on it seems to reveal in great detail a sighting of a UFO that took place during Thutmosis III reign. Forgotten Text Found In 1933 In Antique Shop

The text was mostly forgotten for many centuries, and then in the 1930s, it went viral when in 1933 Alberto Tulli, director of the Vatican museums Egyptian section, found what he described as an interesting papyrus sitting in an antique shop. He didn’t have the money to purchase it, so he copied it, and then recopied it, replacing the hieratic script with some hieroglyphs. This is one of the main reasons skeptics challenge the authenticity of it.

Today the Tulli Papyrus has become something of a legend among UFO folklore, with many believing that it is without a doubt proof that aliens do exist. The text is said to be the earliest record of UFOs to have been written down. While the papyrus has been damaged severely, there are many gaps in it, Prince Boris de Rachewiltz translated the text and revealed that it was one part of the Annals of Thutmose III. However, nothing in that text referred to the actual Pharaoh by name, which is something that made the papyrus more suspicious.


The translation of the text suggests that the sighting of the UFO took place in 1480 BC and that many people were witness to the sighting. Of course it is entirely possible that ancient Egyptians might have had believed the fiery disks to be UFOs, but in fact, they may have been weather phenomena or astronomical phenomena. Some people were quick to point out that Egyptians were in fact advanced in astronomy, so this wouldn’t have been likely.

It should also be taken into account that the Tulli Papyrus wasn’t the authentic original from the antique shop, but a copy, which had been translated. Also, no scientific examination was undertaken of the papyrus. The debate about whether or not it is proof of UFO sightings in ancient Egypt rages on, and while the truth may be out there, it may never be found. The following is a translation by Prince Boris de Rachewiltz of the Tulli Papyrus. In the year 22 third month of winter, sixth hour of the day the scribas of the House of Life found it was a circle of fire that was coming in the sky (Though) it had no head, the breadth of its mouth (had) a foul odour. Its body 1 rod long (about 150 feet) and 1 rod large, It had no voice… They hearts become confused through it; then they laid themselves on the bellies They went to the King ..?) to report it. His Majesty ordered has been examined as to all which is written in the papyrus-rolls of the House Of Life His Majesty was meditating upon what happened. Now, after some days had passed over these things, Lo! they were more numerous than anything. They were shining in the sky more than the sun to the limits of the four supports of heaven. Powerful was the position of the fire circles. The army of the king looked on and His Majesty was in the midst of it. It was after supper. Thereupon, they (i.e. the fire circles) went up higher directed to South. Fishes and volatiles fell down from the sky. (It was) a marvel never occurred since the foundation of this Land! Caused His Majesty to be brought incense to pacify the hearth, what happened in the book of the House of Life to be remembered for the Eternity.