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Chemtrails are Contrails with an Agenda.

Called contrails by some and chemical trails by others. They have become the same. A contrail is an aftermath or effect upon the sky of the jet interaction with the space it has traversed. Although aircraft can be designed to pass ever effortlessly through space, currently they do not. They pierce, tug, pull and drag the space around them, consuming more fuel and creating instability in the air currents that surround them. The air is too compressed in some areas and too thin in others. As aircraft criss-cross the skies, they drag one kind of air into another, creating turbulence for themselves and the planes that will follow. Airline travel follows similar routes day after day, hour after hour, making and polluting these ways, filling them with soot and man-made chemicals. Many aeroplanes choose to jettison their fuel in the sky rather than chance a landing with heavy fuel tanks.This exercise has created a toxic, unbalanced waste field in the upper atmosphere. The sky is now falling in, as one of our nursery rhymes appropriately predicted. The sky is no longer up there; it is here. It is the area that you and all the other kingdoms share, and it is polluted.

A chemtrails is a contrail with an agenda. The chemical content of a chemtrails is such that it is detrimental to human health and well-being; for others, it is disadvantageous to survival. Chemtrails consist of chemically reformed and manipulated fuels and gases. The chemicals are mixed with the fuel and discharged into the air as the plane that carries them crosses the airspace on their appointed routes. This route could be from one point to another or a criss-cross pattern regularly seen in our skies

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