Global Warming – A Natural Phenomenon – Not Man made 

While many deem it as a threat so imminent that island countries might be submerged beneath the sea, others claim the entire subject is the result of junk science. Where do the facts really lie?

Not with Science at all, but with a Political Agenda to force the planet into a World Unelected Government to correct a problem that does not exist. With Government funding, Science can be manipulated with the carrot or the stick. The carrot = funding and the stick = no funding. No funding no job. Scientists that do stand up with contradictory true evidence open themselves up for sackings and or ridicule.  

Global Cooling – A Natural Phenomenon – Not Man Made

Unlike Global Warming or Climate Emergency, this is pure Science with no influences that cane be hosted upon humanity or its living habits. Now we have pure science to work with there is no blame any scapegoat to hoodwink the public into doing things to save the Planet. We just have to hunker down and deal with the consequences. Cold, shorter growing seasons, Rain and snow. See Science proof below.

Grand Solar Minimum