Eugenics The manipulation of the Population

Eugenics is the belief that selecting the mating partners and controlling the offspring improves the quality of human life. According to history, it dates back to Ancient Greece, but after its adaption by the Nazis, eugenics gained much criticism, scrutiny and disapproval.

Some say that eugenics is all-negative because selection is always determined by who is in power, and that it violates every human being’s right to reproduction. Nevertheless, we will soon find out that eugenics does have its own benefits, and knowing the pros and cons of eugenics helps us understand it better.

List of Pros of Eugenics

1. It Assesses a Child’s Medical Needs
With eugenics, parents already know the DNA makeup of their unborn child and are prepared to meet his or her future medical needs. There would not be unnecessary surprises when it comes to parenting.

2. It Prevents Negative Hereditary Conditions
Engineering the genetic makeup of a child can eliminate hereditary conditions that lead to deformities, mental and physical problems. It then acts as a preemptive protection for the child so that he or she will no longer worry about inheriting genetic disorders from his or her ancestry.

3. It Helps to Control Gender
Because eugenics helps control the gender of offspring, parents who want to have a male or female child can do so with precision. This allows them to have a family gender variety .

4. It Creates Better Individuals
Studies show that bad behaviors are due to faulty mental processes found in the brain. By altering the DNA makeup of babies, these mental processes can be controlled and help create individuals that are better versions of themselves – kinder, more generous, hardworking, smarter, etc.

5. It is a Room for Medical Advancement
What is next? It is always a question for scientific researchers. But eugenics is an age-old concept that is yet to be perfected, and it could potentially become a great frontier for medical innovation.

List of Cons of Eugenics

1. It is Very Expensive
Engineering a perfect or desirable offspring is expensive. Not many couples can afford hiring a team of geneticists to engineer their dream baby. This further widens the gap between the rich and poor, with the rich producing the more dominant and more superior offspring.

2. It Kills Human Diversity
The human race is diverse because of the diversity of the parents. But when new generation of humans are controlled genetically, it eliminates diversity and creates a unified type of race that is deemed perfect and superior.

3. It Creates Extreme Discrimination
There would be extreme discrimination against natural born babies because they will be considered inferior to those engineered ones with healthier bodies, smarter minds and better looks.

4. It May Multiply not Prevent Genetic Mistakes
There is a catch to altering genes to prevent genetic mistakes. Down the line of eliminating genetic disorders produces humans with similar genetic makeup and a shallow gene pool. This could lead to serious ailments as in the case of purebreds.

5. It is Based on Nazi Ideology
Artificial selection has its dark foundations rooted in the eugenics program of the Nazis. Even if future eugenics program may be done with the best of intentions, it will always be influenced by the subjective beliefs of those in power – the deciding body that determines what traits are desirable and undesirable.

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Eugenics does have some benefits, but as an infant technology, it is has risks and prone to costly mistakes at the expense of actual humans. Artificial selection like eugenics is doubtful because no one has ever succeeded at manipulating or taming nature. But when the time comes that man perfects eugenics and decides to embrace it, man also needs to tame himself to use it for good, and good only.

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