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Patrick Albert Moore

Patrick Albert Moore (born June 15, 1947) is a Canadian industry consultant, former activist, and past president of Greenpeace Canada. Since leaving Greenpeace in 1986, Moore has criticized the environmental movement for what he sees as scare tactics and disinformation, saying that the environmental movement "abandoned science and logic in favour of emotion and sensationalism". According to Greenpeace, Moore is "a paid spokesman for the nuclear industry, the logging industry, and genetic engineering industry" who "exploits long-gone ties with Greenpeace to sell himself as a speaker and pro-corporate spokesperson".


Since leaving Greenpeace, Moore has frequently taken sharp public stances against a number of major environmental groups, including Greenpeace itself, on many issues including forestry, nuclear energy, genetically modified organisms, and pesticide use. Moore has also denied the consensus of the scientific community on climate change, having stated that increased carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere is beneficial, that there is no proof that anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions are responsible for global warming, and that even if true, the increased temperature would be beneficial to life on Earth. These views are contrary to the scientific consensus on the effects of global warming, which is expected to have a significant and irreversible negative impact on climate and weather events around the world, posing severe risks like ocean acidification and sea-level rise to human society and to other organisms.

Dr Patrick A Moore Ph.D

Born Patrick Albert Moore

June 15, 1947

Port Alice, British Columbia, Canada

Residence Winter Harbour, British Columbia, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Education ·     University of British Columbia (Ph.D., 1974)

·     University of British Columbia (B.Sc., 1969)

Scientific career
Institutions ·     Ecosense Environmental Inc.

·     Greenspirit Strategies

·     Greenpeace (former)

Thesis Administration of Pollution Control in British Columbia: A Focus on the Mining Industry (1974)
Doctoral advisors ·     Hamish Kimmins

·     C.S. Holling