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We seem to associate UFOs with intrusion of our way of life, a threat. Could they be here to harm us or even feed on us. Dominate us or just keep us or enslave us.

We assume UFOs are here for us, the human world but what if they were here for the insect community or the dolphin and whale community and we were insignificant blobs in the larger picture of the planet Earth.


However, what if they are here to help us? Encourage us to ascend to a higher level of consciousness to join them in a higher plane of existence! What if all they want is to fulfil our destiny in the greater plan of existence.

I will give you proof that they are friendly and only have our best interests at heart. Just listen to Natalie Glasson from the sacred School of OmNa and the channeled messages that she brings forth of love and compassion for the Human race as a whole.


Natalie brings forth messages of love from such star beings as the Andromedins, Asturians, Commander Ashta, The Celestial White Beings and the Venus beings along with the many beings within our vast History on Planet Earth.

Lia from brings forth Light Language Channelings of love and healing from Star Beings.

Below are some examples of loving channelings from so called Extraterrestrial. Just give them a try and judge for yourself.

Ascended Masters