Stone Stacks – Balance and Meditation on a Physical Level

What are stone stacks or rock stacks? What is their purpose? Have you seen a stone stack on the beach or in someone’s garden?

Stone stacks are all about creating balance, balance in the stack and balance in the builder. You are creating a sacred stone stack and in doing so you are creating a sacred balanced temple within you. If you are balanced and grounded as you would have to be to produce a stone stack you are in a very good space. Stone stack building is like meditation on a physical level, you are completely grounded and focused to achieve a perfectly balanced stack.

Once you have achieved your perfectly balanced stone stack it is an item of beauty for passers-by to admire. As you have produced a balanced stone stack alter you have transferred the balance to the environment, creating a protection

for the area and a focal point for passers-by to reaffirm the balance and protection of the area.

Stones have always been objects of prayer and protection. The pendant has been a form of protection worn by many tribes and even by people today. These pendants are generally made of stone, which can be precious or semiprecious crystal or a rare metal. Stone stacks are objects of beauty and protection.


Stone Stacks

Stone Stacks can have a powerful influence on the physical body and mind as they symbolise the quality of balance. In many ways we can recognise instability coupled with the sheer strength and balanced reliance of human life and our reality upon the Earth in the Stone Stacks. We sometimes feel so balanced and then life throws a lesson at us which sends us off balance for a few moments, and yet humans have the determination to bring themselves back into balance and harmony with relative ease. The Stone Stacks remind us of how precious life is upon the Earth and how most of the time we feel extremely balanced and harmonised with everything and everyone around us. The Stone Stacks offer faith that balance and strength can always be achieved whatever your circumstances, while encouraging you to search inside of yourself to discover what you understand the meaning of balance to be, whether it is inner balance or life balance.

The Stone Stacks have tremendous meaning but their main purpose is to encourage deep and thorough questioning within. Why do I need balance? Do I achieve balance? Do I live a balanced life or am I being thrown from one extreme to another?

The main question posed by the Stone Stacks is, what are you in balance with? Are you striving to be balanced with God, the cosmic universe, with nature, with the general unfolding evolution of your life or with an undying force within you? Each person will have a different answer, but to be balanced is to exist in a neutral state of being, not enduring the extremes of total happiness to complete sadness. To remain neutral is to choose the emotions and feelings you wish to experience, choosing to observe the reactions and actions that you take in your reality. The Stone Stack symbolises that although life maybe fragile, you hold an undying strength within you and can make choices in your life of how you wish to feel and experience each moment. Meaning that you observe yourself and life, acting appropriately from a neutral non judgement yet loving place within you.

Not only do the Stone Stacks encourage you to contemplate balance but you can actually build a Stone Stack in your environment focusing upon an area of your reality or being where you wish to bring more balance, harmony, be in tune with yourself, create peace, tranquillity or even bring about a balanced and harmonious solution to a problem.

First you need to choose your Stones and then hold them so that they hold the same energy that you vibrate as, becoming your stones. Then think about the problem and visualise the problem being solved, everything existing in perfect balance. Focus upon this balanced outcome as you build the Stone Stack, then every time you see the Stone Stack you will be reminded of your positive outcome.

When you see Stone Stacks build in the general environment at a beach or in a park, for example, these may be a symbol that the builder feels or wishes for a greater balance to manifest in that area.  It is therefore important to respect the Stone Stacks, noticing how they are symbolising balance, peace and harmony to those who walk by whether they are conscious of it or not.

To summarise Stone Stacks can be meditated upon or can develop a quest of understanding and achieving balance. They can even assist in bringing more balance into your being and reality or solving problems. Stone Stacks can influence your environment symbolising and bringing about peace.