Remember when they cancelled millions of cancer screening appointments

#3. Remember when Big Pharma shills like

@PeterHotez told us that Ivermectin was horse paste and potentially harmful? It turns out, it could have saved millions of lives. Their true intention to mislead the general public needs to be criminally investigated.

#4. Remember when they separated cashiers and customers with large Plexiglass screens, yet the cashier touched all the products the customer then took home?

#5. Remember when they told us that eating while seated in a restaurant would be safe, but a simple walk to the restroom could potentially be lethal and thus required wearing a face diaper?

#10. Remember when they said that masks were reducing transmission, but neighboring states (e.g., North Dakota with lockdowns and a mask mandate, South Dakota as a free society) with and without mask mandates showed similar amounts of ‘cases’?

#13. Remember when they tried to convince us that natural immunity was a dangerous conspiracy theory?

#14. Remember when people like

@oatlia and

@R_H_Ebright wanted to silence those with differing opinions and exclude them from society, instead of seeking a substantive dialogue on an equal footing?

#15. Remember when they showed fake photos of coffins from Bergamo, Italy, in March 2020, which terrified the world and contributed to the lockdown frenzy and global PsyOp?

#18. Remember when the mainstream media blamed the unvaccinated for the deaths of vaccinated people, asserting it was because they were not vaccinated themselves? If a treatment does not work, it is simply illogical to blame those who rejected the treatment for its failure.

#19. Remember when

@K_G_Andersen changed his stance on COVID’s origins in just four days, subsequently receiving additional funding from Fauci, and then labeled everyone questioning his ‘scientific integrity’ as ‘anti-science’?

#20. Remember when I got de-platformed from Twitter for speaking out? Well, I’m back, and I won’t let them silence me again! If, like me, you are not ready to forgive, I invite you to follow me (

@goddeketal) and enjoy my daily content where I expose those who did this to us.

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