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Video Transcript – Be Brave! – Is Vaccine Science Really Settled? (Part 1)

So let’s start here. Here are the slogans that we always hear. “Vaccines are safe and effective.” “Vaccine injury is rare.” And my favorite, “the science is settled.” The least scientific statement is known to man. Anyone that says this should lose any license that they currently have as far as I’m concerned. So let’s deal with that. When I think about the science is settled, I think that they have set the bar so low. You’re essentially saying that this science is the most immaculate science on the planet because we’re the only ones arrogant enough, we’re the only scientific body arrogant enough to even make this claim. No one else in science would ever even dare to say the science is settled and cannot be questioned. So if you’ve reached this level that you are so perfect, then I should only have to add a little bit of doubt.

If there’s even the potential for reasonable doubt, let’s look at it like that. Let’s look at it like a court case. Can I put reasonable doubt into your mind that maybe this is not true? I have. Let’s do it again. Here’s how it started last time. Bobby Kennedy was asked to go to the National Institute of Health by Donald Trump to talk to all the luminaries of our immunology and infectious disease departments. We put together this PowerPoint that always starts like this. I was sitting there. Bobby was brilliant. There were about eight of us on our side of the table and 12 of them including Tony Fauci, Head of Infectious Disease, Francis Collins, Head of The National Institute of Health. And this is how we started it.

In 2017, Dr. Peter Aaby who was involved in designing the vaccine programs for the third world decided to do the study we’ve all been asking for. How about you compare vaccinated children to totally unvaccinated children. Don’t keep telling us it makes us healthier, prove it. Prove it. Use the scientific method. Go ahead. We’re all open for it. So he did. He looked at a DTP vaccine program that took place 30 years ago in Guinea Africa, and what he recognized was the way we laid out the program, we were so specific about the ages of the children, and the difficulties it was to get to every village that by the end of that year, we had only vaccinated almost exactly half of the children. And the other half we had not. Totally randomized study, perfect. I can compare both groups, and this is what he discovered. DTP was associated with a fivefold higher mortality than being unvaccinated.