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Valium is a drug commonly used in medical practice as a tranquilizer. It is a derivative of diazepam, which the World Health Organization refers to as a necessary means for society with a proven effect.

However, due to the strong impact on the body, the danger of psychological addiction, it is comparable to dependence on a "real" drug, equate it with psychotropic drugs, the release of which is strictly controlled. It is understandable: diazepam is a key active component of the drug included in the list of narcotic substances, almost equated to morphine.

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Valium is a member of the benzodiazepine group, it is obtained by combining the main substance with benzyl alcohol. Therefore, one of its properties is to enhance the effect of:

• alcohol;

• analgesics;

• sleeping pills;

• neuroleptics and drugs.

The drug is taken at the "severe" stages of addiction to enhance the effect, which increases the craving for it and turns into an independent, separate problem. As a second-generation anxiolytic, it depresses the central nervous system and has a number of dangerous side effects, so it should be taken strictly as prescribed by a doctor.

Valium is produced in the form of pills, coated pills and solutions. They are used for intravenous and intramuscular administration and are produced in ampoules (10 micrograms) of 5, 10 or more units. The volume of the active substance in 1 ml of the solution is 5 mg. The analogues of the drug are diazepam, Valium, etc.

According to the doctor's prescription, Valium is used intravenously, depending on the indications, at certain intervals (usually from 2 to 8 hours).

Dosages are:

• for anxiety and agitation – 10-20 mg each;

• for tetanus or when epileptic seizures are repeated one after another for 30 minutes or more – 10-20 mg is prescribed;

• for muscle spasms before surgery-10 mg each;

• for infants from 5 weeks — slowly (drip) inject the drug to a maximum dose of 5 mg;

• in obstetrics during childbirth-10-20 mg;

• for children from 5 years of age – the maximum dosage is 10 mg.

Exceeding the dose of Valium a causes the following symptoms:

• drowsiness, the person is less and less aware of what is happening;

• agitation from sedatives;

• lack of response to stimuli, including pain;

• violation of pronunciation, speech;

• lowering the heart rate;

• inconsistency of movements;

• hands, head, or whole body shake;

• depressed respiratory and cardiac functions, loss of consciousness, coma (risk of death).

It's an overdose. It’s treated with gastric lavage, using activated charcoal. If necessary, artificial ventilation of the lungs, maintaining pressure is carried out. Hemodialysis is not very effective. Flumazenil is used as an "antidote", but not for epilepsy.

The use of Valium in medicine and its effects on the body

In medicine, Valium in pills and ampoule form is used to relieve psychomotor excitability in neurosis, panic attacks, fears, anxiety and emotionally unstable states.

It is a strong sedative and hypnotic with anxiolytic and muscle relaxant effects. It provokes an addictive effect, which is dangerous for Valium. Patient reviews indicate the development of addiction, primarily psychoemotional.

The drug reduces the excitability of the "subcortex" of the brain, inhibits the cells of its reticular formation. Doctors prescribe Valium (the dosage is determined individually) to struggle with seizures and epilepsy, tetanus, withdrawal syndrome and alcohol delirium, paroxysmal anxiety.

As a medicine of relieving emotional stress, it is used in premedication before medical diagnosis, preoperative preparation, associated with unpleasant sensations for the patient.

Valium has a lot of negative effects. An honored scientist in the study of drug complications notes that the drug has a teratogenic effect, and its use during pregnancy provokes fetal abnormalities and hypotension. Women who take the drug (even in tablets), note a violation of ovulation and gynecomastia.

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