Fight for OUR Earth and Humanity

Everything YOU have been taught is a Lie or it has been Manipulated

Has NASA been to the Moon or not?

Was Obama born in the US or not?

Is Michele Obama a Woman or not?

Does the Deep State exist or not?

Is the Earth Flat or a Globe?

END TIME The Movie

Is the Date year correct?

Was The Titanic sunk or was it The Olympic?

Are the Middle Ages made up by the Controllers or not?

Was there a Mud Flood or Not?

Where the World Fairs used to coverup the old World and repopulate the NEW?

Are Governments trying to kill us?

Is the IRS legal?

Can you be cloned from a social media photo?

Is Cannibalism Legal?

Is there a Firmament or are we open to Space, a Vacuum?

Was 9 11 an inside job or not?

Do Chemtrail exist or are they just water vapour?

Do Clones exist or not?

Is the Sun Local or millions of miles away?

Can the Weather be controlled by HAARP or not?

Is Spelling casting spells?

Are Giants Real or Mythological

Climate – CO2 a threat or a Hoax?

Antarctica Land mass or Ice wall?

Is Fluoride in the water good for us or not?

Covid Pandemic or Plandemic?

UFOs exist or hoax?

Smart technology. Is it smart or just surveillance

Cell Phones are they just tracking devices?

History who story is anyway?

Aspartame sweetener or Detrimental additive

Has our time line been changed or not?

When and what was Tartaria?

Is the Van Allen radiation belt another name for the firmament

Are we Overpopulated or NOT?

Can You See Through Walls, or can you?