This ‘Crop Circle’ appeared on 30th July 2023 in Combe Hill, Nr Bratton, Wiltshire

Open Minded Approach


This ‘Crop Circle’ appeared on 30th July 2023 in Combe Hill, Nr Bratton, Wiltshire, on strictly forbidden land owned by the Ministry of Defence.

In my opinion, it’s Sun-related again. What kind of a message do they want to send to the people in the know?

On the left, you can see an ancient golden Sumerian calendar found in Sweden. The calendar is dedicated to the Sun god, and it’s tracking the movement of the Sun and the Moon.

Is something going to happen with the Sun in September, November, February, May, and July? Or is it something related to agriculture? The ancient sun cults are present today; it’s the religion of the secret societies, and they are incorporated into the modern religions.

Is the phenomenon interdimensional and related to the Sun? Is this related to the climate change, the Polar Shift, the decreasing of the Earth’s magnetic field, and the solar flares? Are we waiting for the impending doom?

I have some thoughts about this; it’s related to the Apparition of Fatima, the Bledsoe case, and a few other similar encounters. It goes way back to the ‘Primordial Tradition’ and the previous antediluvian civilization. I have a clear picture in my mind, and I will make a video about this. I’m not claiming this to be the truth; it’s just my opinion.

The feminine trinity, the bull, the resurrection, the Sun god, the cycles—here, the phenomenon is interdimensional, and there are ancient advanced races of survivors.