The Corporation of America And it’s fall

Part 4 The shift


The END of US CORPORATION CREDIBLE SOURCES OF VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE Headquarters Court North Florida Bankruptcy Section Chief Judge Karen K. SPECIE Northern District of Florida | United States Bankruptcy Court ( – Bankruptcy – Database of all U.S. bankruptcy proceedings pass the required captcha you explore the status of the petition filed by the two Moorsh’s in question – US Chapter 11 – Bankruptcy Basics | United States Courts (… – Bankruptcy Court Order (last act of 1/22/2021)… – PHELPS DUNBAR LLP Law Firm Homepage – US Corporation Agent in Florida Detail by – Officer/Registered Agent Name (… – All US Corporation Company agents in USA Process Agents for: UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY… – Original Articles of the US Corporation 1925 …… – SEC Archives – Edgar | Filings & Forms – U.S. Corporation Company no longer appears at SEC EDGAR Search Results (… – Proceedings of the 41st Congress of the United States. Year 1871. The Corporation, the District of Columbia, and the new capital, Washington, DC, are born. Congress approves. The Nation is swallowed whole by the U.S. Corporation An Act to provide a Government for the District of Columbia. (… – Guido Jung, Minister of Finance to the King of Italy, travels to Washington. Italy is bankrupt and becomes an asset of the Republic of Italy Corporation, based in Washington DC. Year 1933[%22JUNG%20ROOSEVELT%22],%22fieldDate%22:%22dataNormal%22,%22_perPage%22:20%7D… – dba CSC Corporate Service – agent UCC Corporate Legal Solutions | Corporate Services | CSC (… – dba CIS – Coastal International Security… – dba CHINA TELTECH COMPANY 中国天辰 ( – dba China Telecom (America) Company… – dba FIFITH FLORIDA LIVING OPTIONS LLC FIFTH FLORIDA LIVING OPTIONS LLC / Florida Living Options Inc (… – Complaint against Kamala Harris, a federal judge, a county sheriff, and against actor Chris Evans, also brought by the Moorish, in June 2016 Maalik Rahshe El v. Richard F Walmark et al (2:12-cv-10514), California Central District Court (… – Treaty of Peace between the U.S. and Morocco, Year 1787, under President Lincoln. The Moorish people are protected and totally immune. Treaty with Morocco, [1-25 January 1787] (… – The Constitution of the Moorish Zodiac The Moors are a state. ZODIAC_CONSTITUTION_ONLINE (….

Part 5 Is all this a coincidence or are you seeing the Plan unfold right before and it’s too large for you to fathom? Either way, the Source Documents are on the books and things are happening behind the scenes You simply have to ask yourself, will you hold the line? The World is about to Change Godspeed

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