They’ve been poisoning you for a long time

The 12 biggest SCIENCE LIES you’ve been told by corporations, Governments, and the corrupt media.

They’ve been poisoning you for a long time.

Science Lie 1

Weed killer is safe to eat.


Glyphosate weed killer causes cancer, infertility, kidney damage and birth defects.

And it is found in instant oatmeal.

Science Lie 2

Statin drugs are good for you


Statins destroy brain function and cause dementia and memory loss.

They also cause muscle fatigue and crippling weakness.

Science Lie 3

Food and nutrients cannot treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Many foods contain powerful anti-cancer medicines that can destroy tumors far better than CHEMOTHERAPY. Try turmeric.

Science Lie 4

Biosolids are “organic fertilizers” that are safe to use in home gardens.


Biosolids are actually recycled human sewage and industrial waste from cities. They are extremely toxic and loaded with heavy metals, industrial chemicals and prescription drugs.

Science Lie 5

When it comes to cancer, early detection saves lives.


Early detection actually destroys lives with unnecessary “treatment” for cancers that weren’t real or didn’t pose any threat to the patient. More people are killed by cancer treatment than by cancer.

Science Lie 6

GMOs have been proven safe by rigorous science.


All that so-called “science” is fake science that profits from selling GMO seeds.

A scientist who opposes Big Biotch is threatened into silence.

Science Lie 7

Mercury has been removed from all vaccines.


Mercury, a toxic heavy metal is still used in the flu shot given to children.

All vaccines preserved with “Thimerosal” contain mercury. Mercury is toxic at ANY dose!

Science Lie 8

Vaccines are not linked to Autism.


Vaccines’ link to autism has been admitted by CDC scientists and whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, who helped hide the fact from the public. Read the official Narrative coverup Here

Science Lie 9

Rising CO2 levels will destroy the planet.


CO2 is food for plants! Rising CO2 actually “greens” the planet and accelerates reforestation, plant growth and food crop production.

Science Lie 10

Prescription drugs treat disease.


Prescription drugs only mask disease symptoms while interfering with human physiology to cause toxicity and side effects. They never “treat” the cause of the disease.

Science Lie 11

Unborn babies are just “tissue” and not really humans.


Unborn babies are alive and conscious. They can feel pain, experience joy, and are aware of what is happening to them in the womb.

Science Lie 12

Vaccines halt the spread of disease.


Nearly all outbreaks of measles and mumps occur among children who were already 100% vaccinated

Science Lie 8

The official narrative coverup for lie 8

The claim that vaccines are linked to autism and that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) scientists, along with whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, have admitted to hiding this information from the public is a misconception and has been widely debunked.

The origins of this claim can be traced back to a controversial study published in 1998 by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, which suggested a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. However, the study was found to be seriously flawed and was retracted by the medical journal that published it. Dr. Wakefield’s medical license was subsequently revoked due to ethical violations and conflicts of interest.

Regarding Dr. William Thompson, he is a CDC scientist who was involved in a study published in 2004 examining the potential link between vaccines and autism. Some anti-vaccine activists claim that he admitted to a cover-up, but this is a misrepresentation of his statements. In fact, multiple investigations, including one conducted by the Office of Inspector General at the Department of Health and Human Services, found no evidence of a cover-up or data manipulation by the CDC.

Dr. Thompson’s involvement in the controversy largely stems from recorded conversations that were secretly made public without his consent. These conversations were selectively edited and taken out of context to create a false narrative. The scientific consensus remains that vaccines are not linked to autism, and the overwhelming body of evidence supports the safety and effectiveness of vaccines in preventing infectious diseases.

It is important to rely on accurate, peer-reviewed scientific research and reputable health organizations such as the CDC, World Health Organization (WHO), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for information on vaccine safety and autism.

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