UPCOMING EVENTS – Some have happened some not yet

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THE GREAT DECEPTION: In 2024 a global event will alter the course of humanity. The world will stand witness to a massive Alien invasion. Thousands of projected holographic Alien warships will blanket the skies. Real military crafts within the holograms will inflict actual damage.

“As a result of all the chaos a One World Government will immediately be formed without any resistance from the people. This One World Government will be the New World Order. Once this happens we as a people will be doomed to enslavement and accelerated depopulation.”

What have you learned about the last three years? You have learned that the Government has been lying to you for your entire life. You have learned that the Media has been lying to you for years and is controlled by the CIA. Who is the real enemy of humanity? Who controls the CIA, the Media and the Governments around the world? It is the members of the Committee of 300. It has always been their plan to reduce the population and to control the entire world.

The same Media, the same Government and the same companies like Disney, Netflix and Amazon who opposed the Sound of Freedom movie are now spreading around the world that there are Aliens. Remember what you have learned over the past few years. There is an agenda and reason for all of this. It is the 2030 Agenda to control the entire world and reduce the population. The truth is the biggest defence against evil.

Deborah Hill


Oh something is coming… Global Catastrophic Risk Management Act of 2022 This bill directs the President to establish an interagency committee on global catastrophic risk. Global catastrophic risk is defined as the risk of events or incidents consequential enough to significantly harm, set back, or destroy human civilization at the global scale. https://congress.gov/bill/117th-con

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