8 MILLION CHILDREN MISSING: Former United Nations Executive and Former President of the Club of Rome for Europe confirms that the Oligarchs who rule our world (The Committee of 300) are Pedophiles who control the systems of global child sex trafficking and control the UN and WEF.

The United Nations 2030 agenda is the same as the Davos (WEF) agenda, these NGOs are both involved in global child sex trafficking.

The Oligarchs control the Chancellors, Presidents and Prime Ministers of the world. Donald Trump was an accident, the Oligarchs did not expect him to win. The Pandemic was planned for 2016 and the food and water shortages were planned for 2020, but now have been moved to the year 2025.

More than 8 million children per year disappear, 8 million is the entire population of Austria. They disappear without any information. This criminal act has to be stopped. We must fight for our children. We must protect them. The most innocent of innocence is being terrorized, tortured, sold as sex slaves and raped 10 times a day for years. What if this was your child?

Child sex trafficking is the fastest growing international crime network the world has ever seen. It has already passed the illegal arms trade and soon it is going to pass the drug trade. If we do nothing, we are part of the darkness and the evil sweeping across our world.

The Sound of Freedom is a true story of one man’s fight to save as many children as he can from the horror of child sex trafficking. These millions of innocent children are suffering unimaginable pain and torture everyday and we as a society are allowing it.

We know who these Oligarchs are, we know who the Committee of 300 is, we know the leaders of the UN and the WEF, we have their names. How long will we let them do this evil to our innocent children? What is wrong with humanity? Why won’t you act? Close your eyes and see the tears and hear the cries of a 5 year old girl being held down and raped until she bleeds.

This is the reality in our world, innocent children by the millions are being sold for sex, torture and rape every year and nothing is being done about it, nothing. If one man can make a difference and save hundreds of children, imagine what a million brave men could do.