They have to stop Trump

They have to stop Trump because not only will he stop their new wars, he’s going to reveal all the shit they pulled on the American people with their old wars and conflicts,.

The truth about ISIS and who created it, trained it, funded it, armed it, people weren’t ready to hear it in 2017-2020. It was the CIA working with the MOSSAD.

Hillary was supposed to win in 2016. ISIS, as it was with Obama, would have continued to be carefully nutured, expanded, protected to justify increased US military presence in the region.

By some arcane act of wizardrous warlockery, Trump somehow won instead of The Witch. And as they watched in abject horror, he butchered ISIS with flair and elan, wiping out their carefully created terror group with the help of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Since the extremist threat in the Middle East was now gone, he began HORRIFYING THEM by taking concrete steps to end their Forever Wars.


By mid-2018 they realized he was serious about this. He was seriously going to pull out of Iraq & Afghanistan.


Brian Cates – Political Columnist & Pundit